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Fishing guides on Lake Tawakoni Texas, Striper-Trophy Catfish trips,Full-time guide service! Hybrid Bass Striped Bass, and White Bass. 214-514-4089 Family friendly Outdoor Entertainment.
Why Hire a Fishing Guide?

Why Hire a Fishing Guide?    As a child I was always trying different methods to catch fish. Whether tying on a diving crank bait, spinner bait, soft plastic or just using some form of stink or live baits trying always to catch more and bigger fish. As I got older things started getting more complex and expensive purchasing boats, tires, trailers, bearings for trailers, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lures, fishing lines, leaders, weights, hooks, depth finders, GPS, boat registrations, trailer tags, throw nets (plural), scales, awesome filet knives both electric and standard, dip nets, gas oil and a truck to pull it all to the lake not to mention maintenance, repairs, stickers and a whole lot of other things.  I would say for that angler who doesn't fish several times a month the price you pay for a fishing guide's knowledge, skills, equipment, personal fishing spots and time are priceless. Most guides here on Tawakoni will treat you and your family with great respect and do all they can to put you on the fish. Just do your homework and choose a reputable guide and enjoy a day of fishing on beautiful Lake Tawakoni or your favorite fishing' reservoir'.......Guide Keith Parks

200-09 rainbow trail, west tawakoni, tx, 75474, United States
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